International Noise Conference

Every February, for the past 6 years or so, experimental noise artists from around the world have been converging on a little British Pub in the Little Haiti neighborhood of Miami for The International Noise Conference.
Here is a link to a short documentary.

This year, for the first time Rat Bastard (of “To Live and Shave in LA” and “Scraping Teeth” (worst band in America, Spin Magazine 1990) takes the concept on tour…
One night only, Curated by Cephia’s Treat, Tampa April 2 @ Flight 19:

Here is the line up:

Laundryroom Squelchers (Miami)
Ant Parade (Tampa)
The Uh (St. Pete)
Uh-Oh Spades (Tampa)
My Left Uterus (Tampa)
Parts and Pieces of Past Ticiples (Tampa)
LimpLungs (Tampa)
then and than (Tampa)
Haves&Thirds (Tampa)
Gay Pairs (Tampa)
S2K (Tampa)
Fifi (Sarasota)
Skeleton Warrior (Sarasota)
emBard (Tampa)
T-Func (Tampa)
Pellitor (Tampa)
Pro Bro Gold (Tampa)
Tyger Beat (Sarasota)
The Long Emergency (Tampa)
Pharoah Faucett (Sarasota)